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so life has a way about it.
Makes you laugh at yourself. Just when you feel yourself slowly dying
because you believe in silly things
like true love
and good people.
And you’re cursing the heavens.
And astronomers.
And all the shit in between.
And then it’s past midnight.
And you have to pee.
And you trip over a jingly hula hoop.
And laugh.
And that’s life. It’s only life.

the dark poetic boys are writing calling me deep.

The watercolour depicts Picasso and his lover in bed. (1902).

The watercolour depicts Picasso and his lover in bed. (1902).

I’m laying in the darkness listening to the heavyset neighbor woman’s laugh through the window screen.
And all I can think of are a million different ways to say the same thing –
‘I love you’

Not her. Not the heavyset woman. A man. That man. The man.
The one person who with one thought vibrates rings true through your whole being.
I want to fuck the world and forget.
but I can’t. and I won’t.
How can one person mean so much.
And why can’t I just shut up and play dumb. Not say these things out loud.
The dark poetic boys are writing calling me deep. And they’re attractive. but I can’t.

I watch the North in the darkness.
As the heavyset neighbor woman laughs through my screen window.
My body and being vibrates
With a million and one different ways to say, ‘I love you’.
to one man.

Fender he’s almost touching.

My Fender and me are laying on our backs 
dreaming of big sky country
I haven’t touched him in years. Or even pulled him from his hard-shell-casing. 
I forgot what a warm tone finds your ears and eyes. I’m forgetting more and more with each passing day.

I’m half blind. And another person I’m hearing call me by that movie star’s name.
but that ain’t me. and it never will be.
I like to hide away. where no one can see.
I got four pink walls staring down on me.

I’m staying as still as I can 
while I’m leaving what I love.

Fender he’s almost touching the palm of my, ‘search all you want in vain’ hand.


I’ve been hit with a white iron hot fire jinx.
I’ve lost the ability to move your left arm 
or me.
dig the dirt from your nails
and forget me.

Over the partitioned South wall 
he’s lookin this way.
I’m eating up intention
with a long-handled butterfly net 
kept under my synthetic old world desk.

{ she pretends not to notice such human feeling by-the-way }

Welcome to the brightest existence to my days.

one decent man

and my 5th see it half full Diet Coke can. 

one decent man

and me.
listening to the smile in his voice 
rising over 
my ‘Deathcock’.

Spotify playlist.

Welcome to the industrial-organization psychology Learning Center part.
when your usual 
to have dulled
the senses.
And the desire 
to make new friends 
has heightened. to paramount.

hi, my name’s Christina.
and each and every day 
I’m one step closer to dying. 
I’m just dying. 

{ so are you by-the-way }

You’re just dying for me.
to run 
You’re such a handsome open book.

I had to get-a-way. 

I had to be too smart to be corporate.

“Great Body!” –

a colleague spontaneously seems he may combust. 

I happened to be in my office 
on the lam.

We’ve become such animals.

We’ve become animal test subjects.
We’ve become experimented on.
cum sit on my lap. let me pet you.
We’re trapped. and pleasant.

I’ve licked your pleasure 
avoidin’ those same old same old routines. 

You’re a mechanism of pain.

’til it’s down to just me and you left
to negotiate 
Their maze is cruel. and pleasant.

{ if only you knew by-the-way }

You’ll be all that’s left.

I’m as good as dead. hi, my name’s Christina.



the only sound God allowed in this morning -were his hands.

i reached his expression in this morning hallway 
but the light was there all along 
in his eyes 
he wanted me.

he wanted me to taste him.

i got a little lost stepping from my bathroom.

he considered me the find of the century. 

to kiss

to kiss 

to kiss.

the only sound God allowed in this morning 
were his hands 
and a glass bottle shatter.

it takes two hands 
to reach me.