i stuck a six-inch gold blade in the head of a girl.

6″ Gold Blade// The Birthday Party.


i stuck a six-inch gold blade in the head of a girl.

oh baby, those skinny girls, they’re so quick to murder.

-the birthday party

* song 2 of 2. of what spared humanity – July 22nd 2013.
or let it continue to suckle on free tit one more day.
song RULES!!!


And I never wanted your two cents.


death she must have been your will

All those messages you sent clear as day
but in the night
Oh I couldn’t get it right

and eagle eagle talon and scream
I never once lived in-between
I was on the fence
and I never wanted your two cents.

* 1 of 2 songs that made me not want to destroy humanity. or at least to spare it a day…

Timber Timbre Demon Host.



so life has a way about it.
Makes you laugh at yourself. Just when you feel yourself slowly dying
because you believe in silly things
like true love
and good people.
And you’re cursing the heavens.
And astronomers.
And all the shit in between.
And then it’s past midnight.
And you have to pee.
And you trip over a jingly hula hoop.
And laugh.
And that’s life. It’s only life.