things i didn’t say.

things i didn't say.i have danced inside your eyes

how can i be real



“The only way to know a person is to love them without hope.”
– Walter Benjamin.


What signs of spring
do you hold in your hand?

A rose of blood
and a white lily.

What do you feel in your mouth
scarlet and thirsting?

The savour of the bones
of my great skull.

Why do you go so far
from the little square?

I go in search of magicians
and of princesses!

Who showed you the path
of the poets?

The fountain and the stream
of the antique song.



there is no possessing, only an existing.
– Kafka


We are all made of stardust.

– English Physicist Geoffrey Burbidge


Blessed is the man who hasn’t seen enough.

-Bob Dylan


We are instructed to do the negative; the positive is already within us.
– Kafka